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A Shared Dream

The RPI Remembralls are dedicated to playing intercollegiate quidditch, and for the past three years have qualified to compete in the US Quidditch World Cup. All RPI students and community members are welcome to join us for practices, no experience required.

A Fun Club

Members who aren't on the Tournament Team attend practices and play purely for fun, no matter their athletic ability or broom-handling skills. We encourage anyone who is interested in trying quidditch to join us!

A Tough Team

Our Tournament Team is made up of the members who are most committed to attending practices weekly and competing in tournaments. Tournament Team members play hard and usually attend at least three practices per week.


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The RPI Quidditch Team travels all around the country to compete in the US Quidditch Season. Unfortunately, the club budget can rarely cover the costs of our tournaments, and many players end up paying out of pocket for our biggest competitions of the season. RPI's quidd kids rely on fundraising efforts and the generous donations of quidditch enthusiasts to get them to the US National Championships each year. If you would like to help us, click "Give to RPI Quidditch" and follow the instructions below. Thanks!"

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